Quality Policy


„The most important person in our company is the customer.“


Thereon we have aligned our organisation. We want to undertake everything to fulfil all our customer's needs and to grand them the ideal utility. For the achievement of this goal the management has determined the following principals. The basic essentials of our organisation are:

  • Highest quality
  • Best qualifications
  • Abidance by statutory provisions
  • Environmental protection

The management has the basic opinion that these principals as a permanently improving premise secure the organisation on the long run and simultaneously provide a basis for optimizing the company’s earnings.


To continuously improve those four interdependent goals, we are certified according to quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995 and maintain a continuous improvement process in our company.

To further optimize our processes we are certified according to the global standards of hygiene management norm BRC Packaging
since 2008. Furthermore DUO PLAST is certificated as one of the first companies according to energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2012.


As laboratory for packaging tests we have received the official DAkkS accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 in 2014.


Within the scope of self commitment our company delivers according to the GKV proof- and validation clauses as well as the ProStretch supplier declaration.


For the best training of our employees, we collaborate e.g. with:

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